ParentsNTeens End Of Life
ParentsNTeens End Of Life

Hello Everyone,

The ParentsNTeens website will officially come to an end on August 1, 2021.

Our domain,, is set to expire on August 2, 2021. I have decided not to renew the domain, due to various reasons;

  1. Financial Costs

I have been struggling with finances for quite some time ever since recent events. As such, I would like to reserve all my savings for more important projects, such as IngeniousApps.

2. Lack of userbase for one year

Throughout this year doing this project, I have spent a huge amount of money on PnT, around $50 for Legal matters, $90 for Advertising (which we did get back, just that it is in the form of GAds credit now), as well as for the domain. Not only did we not get a single user, none of us moderators were motivated enough to complete this project.

Throughout the year, we have been battling spammers, and not a single legitimate user had signed up for the forum.

All things will come to an end, and ParentsNTeens will officially come to an end on August 1, 2021.

Addressing Data Security

I will be performing the following actions throughout the day;

  1. Disabling the Backup Script for ParentsNTeens.
  2. Securely deleting the website
  3. Temporarily setting the domain to redirect to this page.

All user data will be securely wiped and not retained in our databases.

In the meantime, do consider supporting my other projects!

  1. IngeniousApplications :
  2. (This website) : My services and projects

Thank you and happy August 🙂

- Elton