Freelancer. Developer. Gamer.

A teenager with a huge passion for programming, Cybersecurity, and website development.

Currently in Year 1, pursuing a Diploma in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics in Nanyang Polytechnic.

Hello There, I'm XtremeCoder.

I’m the owner of IngeniousApps, a Non-Profit Mini Organisation.


Elton Tay (more commonly known as XtremeCoder) is a python developer who specializes in Web Development. He is currently 16 (turning 17 in 2021). He started Python at the age of 13, gaining inspiration from the Discord API.

He gained an interest in programming and started off his programming journey by creating a discord bot, HumanBot (since Depreciated). At 14, he decided to embark on a huge project that to-date has yet to be completed, known as IngeniousApps

Specialising in Web Development, his ability to create full-fledged websites has never been doubted. Owning 3 websites, namely the IngeniousApps website, the ParentsNTeens website, and this website, he is able to create websites through different frameworks, notably Flask (Python) and WordPress. 

XtremeCoder has taken part in many competitions and have also clinched many awards. He emerged champion in the 2018 Asia-Pacific Youth Robotics Competition, taken part in the National Olympaid of Informatics (NOI) for many years, and participated in many other competitions as well.

What is IngeniousApps?

Started on December 2018, IngeniousApplications is the home of advanced, Ingenious Apps. The team behind IA is constantly working to improve our products, our services, and most importantly, ensuring all our staff are happy working with us as a team, and all our clients are satisfied. Here, we develop all sorts of Ingenious Apps! Our applications are here to help enhance tons of lives daily and give some people entertainment too! We also have lots of other things, such as our subsidiary, IA Gaming. There would definitely be something for you.

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My Services

While I am studying, I do freelancing work during my free time, too. Here are some of my services I offer. Feel free to engage my services should you need them. More details can be found at the services page.

Discord Bot Creation

Create a customized discord bot to operate your own discord server. Customized bots offer the flexibility and ability to tailor the bot specifically to the needs of your server. Unlike public bots, you get full control of the bot operations.

Website Design

Websites are essential for all businesses, small or big. Websites are the first step to being known to the internet world. As website designing can get very challenging, I can help you customize and create your website perfectly for your needs.

Programming Lessons

Being a Python Programmer, I have taught my friends and my CCA (when I was in Secondary School) Python Programming before. With the experience I have, I can teach you to understand the fundamentals and basics of programming.

My Skills

For a complete list of my skills, please check my LinkedIn page.

The main programming language behind (almost) all my projects

Python Language

The backend of all my non-wordpress web-based projects.

Flask Python Library

The library powering all my discord bots.

discord Python Library